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A story of entrepreneurial flair embarked upon many years ago, with expertise gained in the processing of composite materials, combined with constant commitment to quality, design and innovation.

Omnitech was established in 2004, the fruit of twenty years of experience that the founder gained in the moulding and polymeric materials sector. We were the first company in Europe to produce solid surfaces in acrylic resin with an innovative technique that enables moulding at room temperature: solutions for bathrooms, kitchens and living areas can be also used for similar applications in the residential, public, retail, contract work, horeca, medical and health-care sectors.


Tecnoril®, Deimos® and Geacril®are extremely compact, stable, hygienic and durable materials. Fireproof, resistant to light as well as attack by UV rays, they can be easily repaired, worked on with normal woodworking tools and are easy to clean.

Solid suface 100% acrylic material, characterized by a high degree of whiteness and the ability to maintain colour stability over time, without yellowing.
Solid suface consisting of natural mineral material combined with acrylic resin and polyester.

The room temperature moulding system allows complex shapes to be obtained and mass produced. Our products, all produced using a melting technique, are ideal for the private, public and medical sectors.