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A story of entrepreneurial flair embarked upon many years ago, with expertise gained in the processing of composite materials, combined with constant commitment to quality, design and innovation.

Omnitech was established in 2004, the fruit of twenty years of experience that the founder gained in the moulding and polymeric materials sector.

We were the first company in Europe to produce solid surfaces in acrylic resin employing an innovative technique that enables moulding at room temperature: solutions for bathrooms, kitchens and living areas can be also used for similar applications in the residential, public, retail, contract work, horeca, medical and health-care sectors. Ever since establishing the company and right up to the present day, we have developed our operational and organizational structure, through continuous investment in research, human resources and state-of-the art technology.

Activities / Markets

Thanks to the performance characteristics of the materials (compact, stable, hygienic, durable, non-toxic, antistatic, repairable, joint-free), our products can be used in a great many sectors ranging from residential, be it individual properties or blocks of flats, to public spaces - shops, offices, hotels, bars, restaurants - from dental and medical clinics to residential care and hospital facilities right up to naval projects.


Tecnoril® is considered one of the most environmentally friendly materials because of the possibility to completely separate the two components, making them recyclable.

The innovative room temperature moulding technology, together with the use of dust suppressors, suction lines and interception filters, minimizes thermal and acoustic pollution on the production lines.
The photovoltaic panels, positioned on the roof of the production site, produce approximately 234,375 kWh annually (equal to the average energy consumption of 100 families in 12 months) and guarantee our energy self-sufficiency.

Research and development
Omnitech srl
Via dell’Artigianato, 35
31047 Ponte di Piave (TV) Italy P.IVA 03757700269

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