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We adopt a precise, expert approach to managing every aspect of the production process, from initial examination of the proposals to detailed development of the project, from the search for technical solutions to implementation, from the management of the prototyping to the development of the mould, right up to packaging and logistics.

We at Omnitech are structured to provide just-in-time manufacturing, making us your ideal partner to assure you of value throughout the supply chain through our ability to guarantee an efficient, punctual service.

We also offer complete after-sales service and customer support, through order tracking, and have implemented precise customer satisfaction protocols in order to ensure we develop a highly-personalised relationship with our customers, who can have a customised catalogue accessible online through the reserved client area.

All our packaging is unique and customised for each piece, in order to guarantee total product integrity. The product is supplied together with assembly instructions and a “Use and maintenance” * guide, with detailed instructions for cleaning, maintenance, repair of chips, scratches or halos.

* The Use and Maintenance guide provides information on the materials used for the production of the products and not on individual models. Chips, scratches or halos can repaired using our special repair kit which is available on request.